Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Happy July fellow readers! It’s been six months since I issued my TBR Challenge. How are you progressing?


I’ve continued the book binge I started in June, and I seem to be favoring print books over e-books or audio books lately. Part of it is the very real possibility that I’ll be moving soon (if I land a new job), and I have a tendency to donate books to the library than don’t capture my interest. So I tell myself I’m lightening the physical load for the move–my Kindle will weigh the same no matter how many books are on it! The other part is a simple fondness for holding a real book in my hands. I adore my Kindle, and all the features and conveniences it provides, but there’s nothing in the world like touching the pages of a book you love.

And my book binge has paid off–I reached my goal of 12 TBR books last week! Some of the 12 went into the donation bin, but I found a few gems in the bunch, too. Those gems make me want to dive back into one of my TBR bins and see what else is waiting for me–so I have. My non-reading activity has started to pick up again, so I’m not sure how many more books I’ll get to, but I’m not stopping :-D

Free Books Worth Reading, Part 2

Not that anyone needs more books–we’re supposed to be reading from our TBR piles, after all :-D  But free books–good free books–are hard to resist. And who knows how long they’ll remain free?

The following books are for Kindle in the US, not because I am affiliated in any way with Amazon, but because that’s where I shop.


Undeniable Rogue by Annette Blair–The first in the Rogues Club series, this is a Regency like no other I’ve read. Yes, there’s a handsome Duke and a woman to be rescued, but that’s only part of the story. The fabulousness of this book lies in its characters. I connected with them pretty quickly and rather strongly–so much so that even when the story was less than exciting, I wanted to keep reading to see what happened to Gideon and Sabrina!

Silver Storm (The Raveneau Novels Book 1) by Cynthia Wright–One from my TBR pile. The e-book has a publication date of November 2013, but it looks like a re-release of an older title. Set during the Revolutionary War, the blurb promises history, romance, and pirates! It’s the first in a sort of double series totaling nine books.

A Grosvenor Square Christmas by Shana Galen, Vanessa Kelly, Anna Campbell, and Kate Nobel–Not a full-length novel, but a collection of four Christmas-themed Regency novellas all centered around a common event. All four were well-written and fun, yet short enough to read each in one sitting…without neglecting housework, meals, or children ;-)

Twelfth Night (A Lady Julia Mystery) by Deanna Raybourn–I haven’t read this one myself, but there are so many positive reviews of the Lady Julia books it has to be worth reading. This is the newest novella in the Lady Julia series. Her family gathers together for Twelfth Night revels when an abandoned infant is found, and seems to be connected to a haunted cottage. It’s only 51 pages, but it’s now on my TBR list.

Secrets of Midnight by Miriam Minger–Another one from my TBR pile (hence the Challenge!). A lord must find a bride per his father’s will, and ends up with a parson’s daughter in Cornwall. A marriage of convenience is one of my favorite storylines, so I’m totally looking forward to this one. And it doesn’t hurt that the heroine’s name is Corie :-)




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