Regency Word Wednesday



“A man in the civil line, a townsman, or tradesman: a military term, from the mohair buttons worn by persons of those descriptions, or any others not in the army, the buttons of military men being always of metal: this is generally used as a term of contempt, meaning a bourgeois, tradesman, or mechanic.”

Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Happy Autumn, readers! It’s September–2 months since we last checked in on the TBR Challenge. Have you been making progress on your goals?

I’m one book over my original 12-book commitment, but my reading activity has come nearly to a halt. I started a new teaching job last month, which involved a cross-state move and a lot of unpacking. Then, of course, school started, and I’ve been in my classroom and on the field (I’m coaching this season, too) all day. Reading time has been tough to find lately.

But things are starting to settle down, so I’m hoping to find some time (and energy) to continue working on the TBR pile. I may have read 13 of the books that had found a home in my bins, but I brought home another pile from the RWA National Conference! My work is far from over :-)

Some of the books that came home from RWA with me, including a flash drive full of e-books

Friday Favorite: Word Crimes

Proofreaders and Copy Editors delight! This week’s Favorite combines all your pet peeves into one catchy tune :-D

Chances are, you’ve already seen it–it’s been making the rounds online since its release last week. But in case you haven’t had the pleasure–or you’d like to again–here’s one of Weird Al Yankovic’s newest videos: Word Crimes.

Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Happy July fellow readers! It’s been six months since I issued my TBR Challenge. How are you progressing?


I’ve continued the book binge I started in June, and I seem to be favoring print books over e-books or audio books lately. Part of it is the very real possibility that I’ll be moving soon (if I land a new job), and I have a tendency to donate books to the library than don’t capture my interest. So I tell myself I’m lightening the physical load for the move–my Kindle will weigh the same no matter how many books are on it! The other part is a simple fondness for holding a real book in my hands. I adore my Kindle, and all the features and conveniences it provides, but there’s nothing in the world like touching the pages of a book you love.

And my book binge has paid off–I reached my goal of 12 TBR books last week! Some of the 12 went into the donation bin, but I found a few gems in the bunch, too. Those gems make me want to dive back into one of my TBR bins and see what else is waiting for me–so I have. My non-reading activity has started to pick up again, so I’m not sure how many more books I’ll get to, but I’m not stopping :-D


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