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Shana Galen fans, this one’s for you! Just before Christmas 2012, Shana released a short story featuring the hero and heroine from the first novel in her Jewels of the Ton series. Juliette was a former courtesan, while Will was the Duke of Pelham. They found their HEA in When You Give a Duke a Diamond, and continued the fun in When You Give a Duke an Indecent Proposal on Christmas Eve.


When You Give a Duke an Indecent Proposal on Christmas Eve:
A Jewels of the Ton Holiday Story

Christmas Eve, Rothingham Manor, Yorkshire

“Your Grace, have you considered all of the ramifications of this scheme?” Richards asked in his dry, monotone voice.

Juliette refrained from rolling her eyes. Duchesses did not roll their eyes, or so Will had told her several weeks ago. She had responded by noting that duchesses also did not tickle dukes, and then proceeded to tickle him until his sober expression broke and he laughed despite himself. “It is not a scheme, Richards,” she told the butler. “It is a gift, and I want it to remain a surprise.”

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